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Where Minotaurs Come From.

Minding my own business.

Valentines Day!

Dreams VS Reality.

Sinister Mastermind.

News Anchors Fails of 2011.

Funny Photos.

Animal House

Young Frankenstein.

Tasty Burger. Classic Samuel Jackson.

Just a flesh wound.


Bring out your dead!


From Full Metal Jacket.


Bob & Tom at it again.


Cat wranglers.

This is hilarious.


I believe the medical term for this is headupassitis.

Texting gone bad.


Canine Stereo

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  • 8 Things Entrepreneurial People Do Differently July 22, 2014
    Entrepreneurship goes beyond Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Garrett Camp, and it embodies something bigger than Twitter and WhatsApp. Entrepreneurship is a mindset, an attitude, and a lifestyle adopted by people who aren't satisfied with the status quo. It's an approach to life that favors creativity over conformity and action over inaction. Bests […]
  • How Understanding Happiness Will Be Crucial to Developing 'Good' Technologies July 22, 2014
    Co-authored by Dan Faggella, an entrepreneur and writer with a masters degree in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania Ask most inventors why their creating something new, and you'll often hear them speak to "making the world a better place." Certainly some people like creation in and of itself, but very few creatives would t […]
  • We All Know Argleton Is Fake... So Why Would Google Leave It On Maps All This Time? July 22, 2014
    The town of Argleton, England doesn't exist... except on Google Maps. The fake village caused a media blizzard back in 2009, when conspiracy theorists noticed it on Google Maps, right near the real British town of Aughton. Google responded to The Telegraph, thanking them for pinpointing the error and promising the map would be "updated at a later d […]
  • A Twitter Illiterate's Confession July 22, 2014
    I must confess I have hit my limit with technology. While finishing The Circle by Dave Eggers on my Nook, I updated my Facebook fan page linked to important stuff. Then I sent out a Constant Contact newsletter asking people to "like," forward, subscribe to, and read my blog. Next I tried to fix my blog to make it more likable. OK, not easy, but so […]
  • EPA Office Of Water Tweets About Kim Kardashian App July 22, 2014
    The Environmental Protection Agency Office Of Water's Twitter feed went a bit off-message on Monday night. Normally, the site talks about the U.S. government's latest efforts to protect clean water and posts links to stories about pollution and invasive species. But around 10 p.m. Monday, this odd tweet appeared: The message, which as of this writi […]
  • Apple Is Making A Mind-Boggling Number Of Huge iPhones July 22, 2014
    (Reuters) - Apple Inc has asked suppliers to manufacture between 70 million and 80 million of its two upcoming large-screen iPhones by the end of the year, its largest initial production run of iPhones, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. Its forecast for the iPhones with 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) and 5.5-inch (14-cm) displays […]
  • Netflix Is Going To Start Selling Gift Cards In Stores July 22, 2014
    You may soon be able to get a Netflix subscription at your neighborhood grocery store. The streaming video service announced in a letter to investors Monday that it's going to start selling physical gift cards in "select stores" in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Germany -- a small number of the more than 40 countries where it will operate by fal […]
  • The Unregulated World of YouNow July 21, 2014
    An 11-year-old girl lies on the floor of her bedroom. On the desk behind her is a trophy that clearly identifies her name, her hometown, and the school she attends. She stares at her computer and responds to questions on the screen with a winning sincerity. 'Do you dance?', 'Yes, badly'. 'Do you have a bf (boyfriend)?', 'No […]
  • Fake MH17 Facebook Tributes Support Porn Sites, Gambling Ads July 21, 2014
    Scammers are capitalizing on the tragic Malaysian crash by setting up fake tribute Facebook pages that bring in quick cash. At least six such unauthorized pages have been set up in "memory" of victims killed on the doomed Flight MH17 on Thursday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. But when users clicked on the sites -- they didn't have the op […]
  • Digital Hopes in Mongolia July 21, 2014
    ULAN BATOR, Mongolia -- I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the front cover of the New York Times last year with the story of a Mongolian boy, titled "The Boy Genius of Ulan Bator" in the September 13th, 2013 issue. At age 13, he had built a sensor system to keep his sister out of harm's way from cars in Mongolia, and at age 15 he received a […]