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Where Minotaurs Come From.

Minding my own business.

Valentines Day!

Dreams VS Reality.

Sinister Mastermind.

News Anchors Fails of 2011.

Funny Photos.

Animal House

Young Frankenstein.

Tasty Burger. Classic Samuel Jackson.

Just a flesh wound.


Bring out your dead!


From Full Metal Jacket.


Bob & Tom at it again.


Cat wranglers.

This is hilarious.


I believe the medical term for this is headupassitis.

Texting gone bad.


Canine Stereo

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March 2015
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  • Helder Guimarães: A magical search for a coincidence
    Small coincidences. They happen all the time and yet, they pass us by because we are not looking for them. In a delightfully subtle trick, magician Helder Guimarães demonstrates with a deck of cards, a dollar bill and a stuffed giraffe. […]
  • Ben Wellington: How we found the worst place to park in New York City -- using big data
    City agencies have access to a wealth of data and statistics reflecting every part of urban life. But as data analyst Ben Wellington suggests in this entertaining talk, sometimes they just don't know what to do with it. He shows how a combination of unexpected questions and smart data crunching can produce strangely useful insights, and shares tips on h […]
  • Romina Libster: The power of herd immunity
    How do vaccines prevent disease -- even among people too young to get vaccinated? It's a concept called "herd immunity," and it relies on a critical mass of people getting their shots to break the chain of infection. Health researcher Romina Libster shows how herd immunity contained a deadly outbreak of H1N1 in her hometown. (In Spanish with s […]
  • Khalida Brohi: How I work to protect women from honor killings
    Nearly 1000 "honor" killings are reported in Pakistan each year, murders by a family member for behavior deemed "shameful," such as a relationship outside of marriage. When Khalida Brohi lost a close friend to the practice, she resolved to campaign against it. Yet she met resistance from an unlikely source: the very community she hoped to […]
  • Rob Knight: How our microbes make us who we are
    Rob Knight is a pioneer in studying human microbes, the community of tiny single-cell organisms living inside our bodies that have a huge — and largely unexplored — role in our health. “The three pounds of microbes that you carry around with you might be more important than every single gene you carry around in your genome,” he says. Find out why. […]
  • James A. White Sr.: The little problem I had renting a house
    Fifty-three years ago, James A. White Sr. joined the US Air Force. But as an African American man, he had to go to shocking lengths to find a place for his young family to live nearby. He tells this powerful story about the lived experience of "everyday racism" -- and how it echoes today in the way he's had to teach his grandchildren to intera […]
  • Angelo Vermeulen: How to go to space, without having to go to space
    "We will start inhabiting outer space," says Angelo Vermeulen, crew commander of a NASA-funded Mars simulation. "It might take 50 years or it might take 500 years, but it’s going to happen." In this charming talk, the TED Senior Fellow describes some of his official work to make sure humans are prepared for life in deep space ... and shar […]
  • Laura Boushnak: For these women, reading is a daring act
    In some parts of the world, half of the women lack basic reading and writing skills. The reasons vary, but in many cases, literacy isn't valued by fathers, husbands, even mothers. Photographer and TED Fellow Laura Boushnak traveled to countries including Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia to highlight brave women -- schoolgirls, political activists, 60-year-old m […]
  • Nadine Burke Harris: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime
    Childhood trauma isn’t something you just get over as you grow up. Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated stress of abuse, neglect and parents struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues has real, tangible effects on the development of the brain. This unfolds across a lifetime, to the point where those who’ve experienced high […]
  • Guy Winch: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid
    We'll go to the doctor when we feel flu-ish or a nagging pain. So why don’t we see a health professional when we feel emotional pain: guilt, loss, loneliness? Too many of us deal with common psychological-health issues on our own, says Guy Winch. But we don’t have to. He makes a compelling case to practice emotional hygiene — taking care of our emotions […]
  • Where You've Seen All Those Breakout 'House Of Cards' Stars Before March 2, 2015
    Frank and Claire Underwood do their Frank and Claire Underwood thing in the third season of "House of Cards," but it's the supporting cast members who shine in the newest chapters of Netflix's political drama. And not just Doug Stamper (he's alive!), Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp: Time and again, new faces (and some old ones) steal th […]
  • How One Business Owner Gave Up Email For A Year March 2, 2015
    Despite being a tool designed to make work easier, more and more evidence seems to show that email stands in the way of our productivity. The constant need to check email interferes with our work flow. […]
  • Apple Pay: A New Frontier For Scammers March 2, 2015
    Criminals in the US are using the new Apple Pay mobile payment system to buy high-value goods – often from Apple Stores – with stolen identities and credit card details. […]
  • One Machine To Rule Them All: 3D Printing With German Precision March 2, 2015
    Why does 3D printing get all the love? Probably because it evokes visions of Star Trek’s famous replicator. Back here in the humble 21st century, however, it’s just one of the computerized manufacturing methods set to upend industry. Another method, subtractive manufacturing, is the yin to 3D printing’s yang. While additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) bui […]
  • The Most Offensive-Smelling Foods To Eat In The Office, Ranked March 2, 2015
    Some unwritten rules: Always allow people to first exit the elevator before you get on it. When the host starts cleaning, it's time to leave the party. Never eat a tuna fish sandwich while sitting next to a colleague. Ever. Certain foods must be eaten in the confines of a HazMat suit. No matter how delicious tasting your lunch may be, its powerful stink […]
  • Buffett Won't Identify Who Will Succeed Him March 2, 2015
    OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Billionaire Warren Buffett won't end speculation about his eventual successor, but he reiterated that Berkshire Hathaway's board has a plan in place. Buffett appeared on CNBC Monday after releasing his annual letter to Berkshire shareholders over the weekend. Berkshire's Vice Chairman Charlie Munger spurred renewed interest […]
  • Zip-Line Through The Amazon Jungle With Google's Newest Street View Feature March 2, 2015
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- For its next technological trick, Google will show you what it's like to zip through trees in the Amazon jungle. The images released Monday are the latest addition to the diverse collection of photos supplementing Google's widely used digital maps. The maps' "Street View" option mostly provides panoramic views o […]
  • Fugoo Speaker Review March 1, 2015
    The Fugoo is marketed as a "go anywhere speaker" and it's probably true. This is a shockproof, waterproof speaker that would be safe indoors, outdoors, in the shower, on a surf board, dirt biking, in the mud (just wash it off!), snow, sand, getting dropped on concrete, even plopped underwater for up to a half hour at 1 m. It boasts an IP67 rat […]
  • Here's How Samsung's Apple Pay Competitor Will Work March 1, 2015
    NEW YORK (AP) — Last fall, Apple launched Apple Pay, bringing mobile-payment technology to the iPhone. Samsung now wants to get that on Android phones — at least the ones it makes. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones announced Sunday will come with mobile-pay capabilities. Samsung's payment service won't come until this summer, and will launch only in […]
  • Samsung Announces New Galaxy S6 Phones, Opens Fire On Apple March 1, 2015
    iPhones might bend, but they sure don't curve. Samsung announced two new Galaxy S6 smartphones Sunday at the Mobile World Congress, an industry exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain. There's the Samsung Galaxy S6, the newest iteration of the company's popular line of Android phones, and there's the Galaxy S6 Edge, which features a curved sc […]