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Where Minotaurs Come From.

Minding my own business.

Valentines Day!

Dreams VS Reality.

Sinister Mastermind.

News Anchors Fails of 2011.

Funny Photos.

Animal House

Young Frankenstein.

Tasty Burger. Classic Samuel Jackson.

Just a flesh wound.


Bring out your dead!


From Full Metal Jacket.


Bob & Tom at it again.


Cat wranglers.

This is hilarious.


I believe the medical term for this is headupassitis.

Texting gone bad.


Canine Stereo

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July 2015
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  • Yuval Noah Harari: What explains the rise of humans?
    Seventy thousand years ago, our human ancestors were insignificant animals, just minding their own business in a corner of Africa with all the other animals. But now, few would disagree that humans dominate planet Earth; we've spread to every continent, and our actions determine the fate of other animals (and possibly Earth itself). How did we get from […]
  • eL Seed: Street art with a message of hope and peace
    What does this gorgeous street art say? It's Arabic poetry, inspired by bold graffiti and placed where a message of hope and peace can do the most good. In this quietly passionate talk, artist and TED Fellow eL Seed describes his ambition: to create art so beautiful it needs no translation. […]
  • John Green: The nerd's guide to learning everything online
    Some of us learn best in the classroom, and some of us ... well, we don't. But we still love to learn -- we just need to find the way that works for us. In this charming, personal talk, author John Green shares the community of learning that he found in online video. […]
  • Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women
    Strong faith is a core part of Alaa Murabit's identity -- but when she moved from Canada to Libya as a young woman, she was surprised how the tenets of Islam were used to severely limit women's rights, independence and ability to lead. She wondered: Was this really religious doctrine? With humor, passion and a refreshingly rebellious spirt, she sha […]
  • Jon Ronson: When online shaming spirals out of control
    Twitter gives a voice to the voiceless, a way to speak up and hit back at perceived injustice. But sometimes, says Jon Ronson, things go too far. In a jaw-dropping story of how one un-funny tweet ruined a woman's life and career, Ronson shows how online commenters can end up behaving like a baying mob -- and says it's time to rethink how we interac […]
  • Marlene Zuk: What we learn from insects’ kinky sex lives
    Marlene Zuk delightedly, determinedly studies insects. In this enlightening, funny talk, she shares just some of the ways that they are truly astonishing -- not least for the creative ways they have sex. […]
  • Salvatore Iaconesi: What happened when I open-sourced my brain cancer
    When artist Salvatore Iaconesi was diagnosed with brain cancer, he refused to be a passive patient -- which, he points out, means "one who waits." So he hacked his brain scans, posted them online, and invited a global community to pitch in on a "cure." This sometimes meant medical advice, and it sometimes meant art, music, emotional suppo […]
  • Alec Soth + Stacey Baker: This is what enduring love looks like
    Stacey Baker has always been obsessed with how couples meet. When she asked photographer Alec Soth to help her explore this topic, they found themselves at the world’s largest speed-dating event, held in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day, and at the largest retirement community in Nevada — with Soth taking portraits of pairs in each locale. Between these two extr […]
  • Aspen Baker: A better way to talk about abortion
    Abortion is extremely common. In America, for example, one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime, yet the strong emotions sparked by the topic -- and the highly politicized rhetoric around it -- leave little room for thoughtful, open debate. In this personal, thoughtful talk, Aspen Baker makes the case for being neither “pro-life” nor “pro-c […]
  • Noy Thrupkaew: Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works
    Behind the everyday bargains we all love -- the $10 manicure, the unlimited shrimp buffet -- is a hidden world of forced labor to keep those prices at rock bottom. Noy Thrupkaew investigates human trafficking – which flourishes in the US and Europe, as well as developing countries – and shows us the human faces behind the exploited labor that feeds global co […]
  • Google Rejects 'Right To Be Forgotten' Order In France July 31, 2015
    PARIS (AP) — Google is rejecting an order by the French data privacy agency to remove search results worldwide upon request, saying European law allowing the 'right to be forgotten' doesn't apply globally. In a statement posted late Thursday, Google said bowing to CNIL's request would force it also to agree to similar requests worldwide f […]
  • Athletes' Wives Team Up To Ease The Difficulties After Getting Traded July 31, 2015
    “You’re joking,” an exasperated Lory Ankiel said into the phone. Nothing about Rick Ankiel’s July 31, 2010, trade to the Atlanta Braves was amusing to his wife Lory, who thought the news was another one of his phone pranks. Rick had spent his entire career with the St. Louis Cardinals since the team drafted him in 1997. Pregnant and home alone with two dogs, […]
  • Why Techno-Optimism Is Dangerous July 31, 2015
    How do you envisage life 200 years from now? Suppose that we manage an effective response to climate change, we don't nuke ourselves and we aren't obliterated by Skynet. Technological progress is likely to be the salient feature of your forecast. It is a constant of human history. And it seems to be accelerating. You might imagine a future that inc […]
  • Super-Intense Auroras Discovered On Strange Alien World July 31, 2015
    For the first time ever, the celestial light shows known as auroras have been detected outside our solar system. The auroras were detected not on an exoplanet but on a brown dwarf, one of a class of objects that are too big to be planets but too small to sustain the fusion reactions seen in stars. Astronomers say the alien auroras probably look a lot like th […]
  • What Really Happens To Your Brain And Body During A Digital Detox July 31, 2015
    We sense that our smartphones are making us less focused, that constantly checking our email and Twitter is making us less productive, and more disconnected from our real lives. But what do we really know about how our devices are affecting us? We have plenty of anecdotes, but the science of how always-on technology impacts human behavior is still in its inf […]
  • Exploring the Benefits of Wearable Technology July 31, 2015
    What do you reckon will happen to the Internet of Things ten years from now? If you think about billions of devices or more wearable tech, around 83 percent of experts believe that the Internet of things will have beneficial effects on the everyday lives of the public by 2025. By that we expect more wearables in the next decade to come. This is likely to hap […]
  • Wikileaks Publishes Files It Says Shows The U.S. Government Spied On Japanese Officials, Companies July 31, 2015
      TOKYO (AP) — The Wikileaks website has published documents that it says shows the U.S. government spied on Japanese officials and companies. The documents include what appear to be four U.S. National Security Agency reports marked top-secret that reveal internal Japanese discussions on international trade and climate change policy. A notation on one of the […]
  • Forget Driverless Cars. Flying Vehicles Are Almost Here July 31, 2015
    When was the last time you were stuck in traffic and wished you could press a button on the dashboard, turn your car into a helicopter and soar away from the rush-hour snarl at, say, 200 miles per hour? Yesterday, perhaps? Commute like George Jetson with @Terrafugia’s TF-X, the world’s first flying plug-in hybrid […]
  • I Do It For My Aunt Ethel July 31, 2015
    I was sitting here about to explain how we got into this telecom mess and why things will get worse unless we stop it, and throw in why you should read my new book. But then I started to reflect on how I ended up in the mess -- this personal journey about my love and obsession with, well, telecommunications (though you may call it broadband, Internet, cable, […]
  • Beirut Residents Are Calling Ubers To Pick Up Their Trash July 30, 2015
    It's been an exceptionally hot and stinky July in Beirut, where government paralysis means nobody's picked up the trash since July 17. With the malodorous mountains piling up, #UberRecycle has opportunistically sprung to the rescue.  For the past two days, Beirut residents have been calling Uber drivers to pick up their trash. The company said in a […]